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My space: updated playroom

Since I lasted posted pictures of my home and daycare space I have made a few changes.  Most of the changes were made in the main playroom area.  I just couldn’t handle the red wall anymore and needed to brighten things up.  We spent labor day painting a nice very light blue/grey shade to two of the main walls.



I have actually since changed a few things here and there since these pics were taken, I find that I am constantly trying to improve on how I do things!  I really need a few more things for the wall and I would love to set up an area for the light table possibly or an art table.  It gets complicated with my mixed age group {infants}.


Still loving my ikea expedit shelves, just trying to keep things neat and pleasing to the eye as well since it is a shared space.  I also really struggle with “kid colored” furniture and items.  Some are okay, but just because you have bright colors doesn’t mean the children will be any better off.  Personally it just overstimulates my brain and makes things feel more cluttered.  It may just be personal preference and we have to be true to ourselves and deliberate about our space.



I am also planning {when I find the time ha!} to makeover the play kitchen a bit as well as find some new curtains.



My Space: part 3

Here are some more pictures of my space that I used for daycare and for my own use as well. You may have seen my other posts in this series here and also here.

These photos are of the REST of the upstairs area and we really do utilize every bit of our home!  The living room is quite tiny since we turned the original one into the main playroom.  I like this room though for a nice quiet area to read before naps and to watch the occasional show or movie with the kiddos.



Here is my front hall closet that I turned into our cubbie and storage for the kid’s stuff and shoes.  The colors are really nice and bright (harder to tell with my editing here) and the best part is we can close the doors when it’s not in use!


Next is our main-level bathroom and it’s PERFECT for home daycare use..notice the tiles on the wall?!  Huge factor in considering this house when we were hunting for our next home several years ago.



So here it is, the other part of my space that is my home, but used for daycare everyday. I showed you the playroom section here earlier this year. Sorry for the smaller images in the first post…I am still learning how to operate everything here and am too lazy to go back right now and change it! Please forgive the mess that the daycare cupboard is as well, it’s one of those spaces that is constantly needing organizing and all too easy to shove random items in!