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Winter blues.

How do you “get through” the winter blues?  Those days which turn into weeks that seems to crawl by in January of bitter cold and short amounts of daylight.  I have managed to find a few simple things to help my mood improve at least a little, and hey, I’ll take whatever can help!  I am including a mix of things that are daycare-related as well, since this is how I spend my days!


Invitation to play-with fresh homemade playdoh!  I use this recipe and double it for large amounts!  I also use paste food coloring and sometimes essential oils for scent, also you do not have to boil the water first and it will turn out fine.  😉


Add a new element to the play space.  We found this great little tent at Ikea {where else?} and the kids have really enjoyed the reading nook a lot more lately.  Children need a space where they can not be seen by adults sometimes.  It’s fun to hear them make-believe while they are in the tent.


Set out some paints and allow the children to just come and paint as they desire, not specific direction-just because it’s fun!


I am enjoying this fake orchid in my window that I picked up at Ikea, I am afraid I would kill a real one so this cheers me up just as much, if not more!


I did buy a real plant too-this little Primrose!  Even if it only blooms for a few weeks it really lifts the mood to see something bright and cheery growing in my kitchen.


It’s important to remember to keep caring for your skin {and your overall health} even when you feel the winter “blahs.”  I love this thick shea butter based lotion by J.R. Wakins {MN based company, love!}.  It is super nice to rub on after all the hand-washing that goes on around here.

There are many more ways to keep yourself going this winter, don’t give up!  Spring will come again, we need to remember to find the little things to be grateful for in EVERY season.