The quest for better sleep

So I finally “bit the bullet” and decided it was time to get a sleep study done.  Now, this isn’t something you just go and do…clearly you have to have a consult first to even see if it’s going to be worth doing.  Ever since my mom had been diagnosed with sleep apnea several years ago or so I wondered if perhaps I too had the disorder.

It was refreshing to have the doctor really listen to my history and symptoms and then send me to have the study done.  I was super nervous, but really excited to get answers.

Here are the pics from the night of the study…I look pretty ucky but oh well!



So as you can see they put TONS of wires and junk all over you.  This was not fun, but obviously quite necessary.  After getting all plugged in you basically try to sleep and are being observed all night long via the computer and camera.  In the morning you can shower ( I did!) and even have coffee and breakfast there if you want.

I had my follow-up a few weeks later and was given the diagnosis of a mild form of sleep apnea.  This is the form showing all the “stuff” that was happening while I was sleeping.  It was really interesting!


Soon after this appt I was set up with my new best friend…the cpap machine and mask.



I have this equipment, but using it properly is another story.  It’s been very difficult to adjust to and will take some time for me to really be committed to keeping the mask on all night long.  At this point I’m only averaging 2-3 hours.  Hopefully I can update later with the news that I am finally feeling RESTED!


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