This year’s birthday felt very different from last year.  I was really annoyed with turning 30 but of course there is nothing that can be done about that!  I actually had a great time with family and friends anyway last year and it was nice.  {Here is my post at the former blog about all that}.

This year despite the many ups and downs {more down than up really} I feel more peace about the calender changing.  I am taking a break from treatments for now and just focusing on the stuff that really matters to me….my faith, my job, and family.

I was spoiled rotten by R as he took me to visit good friends in a beautiful part of MN and he gifted me with a new camera {squeal!}.  I was also spoiled rotten by my sweet daycare kiddos with all the wishes, singing, and homemade cards.






One thought on “Thirty-one

  1. Em

    Sounds like a really wonderful birthday! That camera is a fabulous gift!

    And by the way, you have amazing teeth. What a beautiful smile!


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