I practically had to SIT on my hands as I watched the chubby and determined fingers pull at the fruit snack package.  He is getting big and wants so much to join the ranks with the true pre-preschoolers.  So much has changed in his little life in a short time.  Potty training, dressing himself and using words to express feelings and needs. So I continue to watch, practicing my own patience to see if I can let this little one feel the satisfaction of the prize on his own.  After what feels like an eternity I realize the plastic is torn and he is BEAMING with pride and happily munching away.  Even though the others have just about finished, he isn’t flustered…he is empowered and accomplished!

When is the last time you let a young child learn by doing?  They won’t achieve goals without the opportunity that we can give them by letting them do some things on their own!



One thought on “Empowered.

  1. Em

    I definitely get that “having to sit on your hands” thing. But what a good reminder that sometimes it’s important to sit on our hands…very important. (-: And I love that sweet picture.


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