Cleaning your home when your home is your workplace.

How do you embark onto “spring cleaning” or any major cleaning for that matter when you run an in-home daycare?

Well, here’s how I do it.

As soon as I think of something that needs to be done and possibly hasn’t been done in ages I write it down {these days I record it on a note in my ipad}.  Sometimes I physically do walk around and see what needs to be done/fixed and then I record those items.

The hard part is finding the time… because who has time for anything really when your hands are full of chasing toddlers around the room, and your brain is full of preschool questions and your soul is weary from all the paperwork and trying to just keep afloat everyday.

I used to think I would just “wait till the weekend”  and it would all somehow miraculously get done.  Unfortunately that almost never works.  Weekends are SO short in my world, really Sunday doesn’t even count so that leaves Saturday.  If you run even one or two errands on a Saturday your day is already half over!  Then there is just your own family’s laundry and so on and so on….

So how do I solve this problem?  I work on things one chunk at a time.  Like today for example:  the playroom needed some major floor cleaning attention and refreshing as someone had an accident on part of the rug.  While the kids were busy with a project in the dining area I quickly vacuumed, swept and mopped.  I cleaned the rug and opened a window to refresh the air.

The key is to work quickly, efficiently and wisely.

I also have learned to just clean as I go, or to gage how our day is going.  Can the kids help with any toy sorting or perhaps sanitizing?  Sure!  It’s good for them and they like to feel big and helpful.

It also really helps to stay on top of your organization.  If you have a home business you KNOW how crucial it is to be organized and every little bit helps!  I will be the first to admit I don’t always stay on top of things like I want to, but I’m only human…not superwoman.  I am fortunate to have pretty much everything I need on my main floor so my cleaning supplies are safe and out of the way in the laundry, but also close for me to grab for that quick bathroom wipe-down.

Then there is always nap-time, but I don’t even do a lot during this time as I need quiet restful moments as much as the kids do!  I will choose maybe one or two tasks that can be accomplished without too much trouble for a short duration of time.  For example I may sort through the pile of papers on the counter and file things that need saving, and throw trash out.  I will tidy up the closets or wipe the couches down.

I remember a woman I once worked with telling me with great shock and horror that her home daycare provider actually ran a load of wash while doing daycare.  Ummm, sorry to burst your bubble- but there is no rule or law that we cannot keep our own home and for that matter, your child’s home away from home….clean!  I guarantee if she worked from home she would also throw in a load or wash once in awhile and maybe run the dishwasher and sweep the floor!

The main thing is to keep working at it, a cleaner home is a less-stressful home.  Especially when you have other people and their precious children entering your space each and every day.  I am SO far from perfect and don’t always feel like it etc, but it’s good to have goals and organization when it comes to getting the space you live in and work in…clean.

Feel free to share any tips or comments you have for keeping things together in your home childcare!


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