When I feel a little on edge {which happens more than I care to admit} I either bake or clean. Or both.

I don’t know what it is about cleaning but I guess it just gives me focus and clarity to think. I can throw myself into doing something that just comes naturally to me, and pretty much always has. Just ask my poor sisters who I shared a room with growing up!

I love the smell of a fresh, clean house and open counter tops.  Of course just seeing an open clean counter or table makes me want to…BAKE!

Baking also helps me to de-stress.  I love just diving in and getting my hands full of flour, chocolate chips, and lots of butter.  I like the smells that come from the oven and again I feel sort of like things are put to right because for a brief time my mind can just be distracted from whatever was/is bothering me.

The other way I’ve been trying to de-stress since the beginning of fall last year is to attend yoga classes.  I am seriously loving yoga.  Not the super fruity touchy-feely sort of yoga but just the simple stretching and strengthening kind.   I have to admit though…yoga is way harder than I thought it would be.  I actually am getting a good workout in and can even feel sore for days afterwards!

I love that it forces me to literally “let go” and just learn to breathe.  There really is so much release and freedom in simply resting in your own space and quiet…even just having someone else tell you what your next move could be.  This control-freak really really needs it.  I have even found myself start to cry at the end of a session or two…why?  I don’t really know, but I think it’s because I have really let go of my day, my thoughts, and my “must keep going on” attitude.

I know I will probably always do these things and am thankful that God provides ways for me to unwind, distract and de-stress in my crazy life.  What do you do to unwind or get through a stressful time?



3 thoughts on “De-stress

  1. Em

    I hear ya with the baking. I do the same thing. Walks are also nice, but sometimes I just end up using that time to hyperfocus on whatever is stressing me out. I also love to write. That really helps me release some tension.

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