What I’m loving.

Here are some of the things I’ve been loving this end-of-winter-season.


This soap/dispenser by Method from Target.  I love the design, it cheers me up.  I actually bought this though to change up the daycare bathroom soap.  I usually use a foaming soap that is antibacterial but I find that it’s really drying and I have a daycare child or two with some pretty rough hands lately.


Avocados.  Costco has this whole bag for a little over five bucks and thanks to Pinterest I now know how to freeze these bad boys for later consumption (if they last that long!).


Our classroom handprint rainbow project.   It’s fun teaching kids colors and even better when they can all work together to make something cheerful for our space!  We are adding a new color to the rainbow each week.


Crockpot chicken stock.  Again, pinterest inspired, and not something I will always be doing.  If it’s convenient though, and  if I have the chicken bones here I will make it again.  SUPER easy, and I always need good stock!


3 thoughts on “What I’m loving.

  1. Lucie

    We all have dry hands here too! I am waiting for the han- soap to end(bought a big container) to make the swich for something milder like baby shampoo with some tea tree oil or something else if I find another idea.
    I agree that real chicken stock makes all the difference! 🙂


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