So here it is, the other part of my space that is my home, but used for daycare everyday. I showed you the playroom section here earlier this year. Sorry for the smaller images in the first post…I am still learning how to operate everything here and am too lazy to go back right now and change it! Please forgive the mess that the daycare cupboard is as well, it’s one of those spaces that is constantly needing organizing and all too easy to shove random items in!








4 thoughts on “My Space: part 2

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  2. Brenda

    HI there! I stumbled across your blog by accident on Pinterest. I run a home daycare/preschool in MN. I am located in Cottage Grove. I was reading a few of your posts and I am amazed at how alike we are! I would love for you to email me so we can cannot as providers. I can show you my blog if you email me (I don’t want to post it).


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