My space: part 1

I love seeing other daycare provider’s spaces and how they set things up in their homes. I really use ALL of my main and upper level for daycare use and would like to take you on a “tour” of sorts to see how I use my space. I have gleaned from the inspiration of others and still have a long ways to go in being more organized certain things (craft supplies aaack!). ย These are some pictures of my “main” playroom space.


I had it set up this way for close to 2 years, but this winter I was ready to change it up!



I moved the one large shelf to the side wall and the play kitchen to the red wall, also the desk is on the opposite wall making a nice corner for a reading spot where it used to be.


I still need to do some tweaking with the reading corner (bookshelves,pillows,frames on the wall) so I will keep you posted as that develops.

Here is the garage door and playroom entrance side. We LOVE our magnet board from ikea-it’s great!



13 thoughts on “My space: part 1

  1. Shelly Jarboe

    It looks great!! And you are such a great provider too! Your families are so lucky to have a provider that really cares about the kids she watches and you do such a great job with them. I am going to miss visiting with you. Your daycare looks wonderful!

      1. Lucie

        I am sorry if I made you feel bad, not the intention! I just love to see other providers space to find new ideas for mine ๐Ÿ™‚

      2. jbjokne Post author

        No, I just didn’t realize! I will have to edit it-I had deleted the pics from my media library not knowing that would delete them in the post! Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

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