I feel like I’m covered in snot,drool, and dog hair.   I’m working and I like it.

Who doesn’t like a job well done?  I really do.  While I enjoy the breaks I get and the Holiday randomness, I still really crave that regular workday filled with nearly constant movement and flow.

Running a home business is a big job as I’ve mentioned in the past and I am getting more and more used to it.

I’ve been through a lot of crud this last year, but it’s not all bad.  Struggling with infertility, a miscarriage and still trying to keep up with my business, home and friends has been exhausting emotionally.  I feel however that with each year that passes I am growing and changing for the better.  This, my friends is a God thing.

So as I work hard every day to pay the bills,  I will also be mindful that everything that happens good AND bad is something that could be is what I need in order to grow in my walk with God.


One thought on “work.

  1. AtRestInHim

    “This, my friends is a God thing.” It is so encouraging to know it’s *His* thing… His glory that will seen, through the good AND bad. Big ‘YEP’ to your post.


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